Your Home Away From Home

Inside, the Roadhouse is an amazing place to fit all your needs. Between 9 rooms, you and your friends will never find a hotel that affords this type of privacy, convenience and style. When you crash here you'll know what Danny means when he says, 'You'll love this place.'

Park It :: You can park two tour buses on site, because one isn't enough.

Personal, Custom Touch

Danny, himself, did most of the renovation to the Deadwood Roadhouse. It's a labor of love.

The Deadwood Roadhouse still retains the historic features - 12-foot ceilings, hardwood floors & trim and solid brick construction. This makes the Roadhouse as historic as Deadwood itself.

The Whole Joint

If your group is large enough, or if you want total privacy, you can rent both suites for a total of 9 bedrooms

Roadhouse has a large garage available for motorcycles and snowmobiles when needed.

A Place to Gather

If you have an event such as a bachelor party, Christmas party, a club meeting or a wedding reception, you can rent the entire Roadhouse.

Dream Garage :: Watch TV on a big screen while you rev up your bike. Your Stage :: Rock out on stage with lights and a full PA. Friendly Staff :: Why poor your own drinks when someone else can do it for you?
Bring Your Bike
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