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About Danny Gray

Custom Motorcycle Legend

For 35 years, Danny Gray has been building world-class seats for the top-name motorcycle builders. As high-end custom bikes grew in popularity, demand for Danny Gray's combination of comfort, style and durability soared.

The seats are handcrafted in California. Danny, who has been going to the Sturgis Motorcycle rally for decades, fell in love with Deadwood. The historic city is just 15 miles from Sturgis, and it's nestled among the pine trees of the Black Hills.He decided to make Deadwood his home in 1999.

The History of the Deadwood Roadhouse

The Deadwood Roadhouse, at 67 Sherman Street, dates back as far as 1892, when the predecessor of Consolidated Power & Light Co. operated a power plant and electric utility offices there. Much of the building was constructed in 1928, and for most of Deadwood's history it served as the power company's offices.

During Deadwood's gambling heyday, the Deadwood Roadhouse building became a casino called the Windflower. In 1990, the Windflower owner was gunned down right inside the cashier's cage during a robbery gone wrong. The owner died, and his killer went to prison.You can still see the holes in the vault door where the pellets from the 20-gauge shotgun blast.

A few years ago, Danny Gray bought the building and began working on his dream of creating a place where he and his friends could hang out during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and at other times of the year.

Danny also loves historic old buildings. He restored one back in California. And when he found the Deadwood Roadhouse building, he rolled up his sleeves and went to work. He knocked out walls, opened up the spaces and built a unique indoor playground for guests who come to enjoy Deadwood and the Black Hills.

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